The U.S View on the Soccer World

It came as a shocking realization, that soccer is not as accepted in the U.S. as other sports, which is upsetting due to the worldwide interest for this sport. Soccer and the United States are terms that do not mesh well together even though this sport creates a stronger tie between the global world. In this country, sports such as basketball, football and baseball seem to steal the entire spotlight while the extraordinary sport of soccer is left in the dark. Many people in America strongly believe that soccer is irrelevant and simply plain boring even though it is the number one talked about sport worldwide. Furthermore, writer of Wall Street Journal, Stephen Moore expresses his feelings towards soccer and belittles the sport throughout his article. Moore states in his anti-soccer post why Americans rightly hate this sport. He then goes on to explain the many aspects that create this dislike to soccer. One of the major reasons why Americans seem to have a cold heart towards this sport is due to the slowness of the game. For example, he states how basketball is a real sport due to the fact that many points are scored throughout the game, which brings excitement, however; soccer on the other hand usually does not generate many goals because of its difficulty to score, which loses the public interest. For instance, Moore indicates, “The last soccer match I watched was when the U.S. women played China for the championship and after what seemed like an eternity – consecutive life sentences – the score was zero to zero. That was scintillating. Now let’s really get wild and watch a congressional hearing on CSPAN.” This is a powerful statement and manner to express his thoughts. He describes soccer as more boring as a congressional hearing. Due to the fact that this article was published on the widespread Wall Street Journal, many people will look at soccer through Moore’s lens, as they will lose any interest in this sport.

Moore then goes on to say, “I’m an American. I want scoring. I want action. Maybe it’s part of the instant gratification culture but 90 minutes of kicking with zero or one or two goals doesn’t exactly move heaven and earth.” The way he is portraying soccer is not only inaccurate but it also contributing to less public interest in soccer in the United States. It is important to understand that articles like these belittle and disvalue soccer due to the fact that writers like Moore are considered credible sources and are published on a large and popular platform such as the Wall Street Journal, which can be a major and effective factor of shaping public opinion.

Even though Moore paints this negative picture of the most talked about sport in the world, it should not change the public view. Soccer is an engaging and extremely exciting and breathtaking sport where people all over the globe come together to share this excitement. However, it is true that this sport usually does not have many goals scored like basketball but that is just the nature of soccer. Goals are considered very sacred which makes the game ever more exciting.

I think that Moore is mistaken because he overlooks the importance of soccer and what this sport can bring to this influential country. As mentioned by author of The Beautiful Game Theory, Palacios, indicates, “Soccer provides rich data sets and environments that shed light on universal economic principles in interesting and useful ways.” It is essential for Americans to be connected internationally and not stay in their little bubble in the left corner of the world and in order to accomplish that connectivity; this country must start mingling with popular international news, which includes soccer, and in specific the European League.


It is upsetting for America not to engage in the soccer world due to the fact that this worldwide sport creates and builds stronger ties with countries across seas, as it is a way of staying connected with the world. Soccer such as the European League should be shown on news centers such as ESPN if this country strives diversity. America must expand their horizons and look at different perspectives rather than just the same views. Furthermore, the ability to be connected with the global world is extremely important for many aspects such as gaining connectivity with other continents, drives the global economy and ultimately having knowledge about the world outside of the States. (743)

Moore, S. (2008, June 4). Why Americans hate soccer. Retrieved from http://dailysignal.com

Palacios, H. (2010, May 17).  Beautiful game theory: how soccer can help economics. Retrieved from http://press.princeton.edu


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