An Essential Reading List to Better Understand the Importance of Soccer

To fully understand the importance of soccer and the connectivity it will bring to this country, review the sources I have listed below in order to gain a broader sense of this topic.

Totally immersed in European soccer

Averbuch, Y. (2013, September 30). “Totally immersed in European soccer.” Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/01/sports/soccer/t…

The first source I recommend is an article published by author and national women’s midfielder, Yael Averbuch. This is a special source as it is an inside view and perspective on soccer and the way it connects the world due to the fact that the author is on the USA’s national women’s team. I thought it was very unique for a current soccer player who is so crucial for her team to write an article about the importance of soccer and shining the light on this wonderful sport. She gave her own personal experience with this sport as she stated, “For me, football has been the tie that binds. It is the driving force behind so many moments that have shaped my journey and will forever change how I view the world”(Averbuch, 2103). She clearly demonstrates the that in countries other than America, soccer runs deeper than just a game. It ties binds and creates a rich and meaningful life for millions around the world.

A football game without commercials?

Balta, V. (2014, January 31). “A football game without commercials? Not on this side of the Atlantic.” Retrieved from http://america.aljazeera.com/articles/2014/1/31/a…

The next source I would recommend is an article produced by editor of Al Jazeera, Victor Balta. According to Balta, “Thus, soccer games are broadcast with 90 minutes of action, plus halftime, in less than two hours. American football, meanwhile, takes a minimum of three hours to broadcast just 60 minutes of game action”(Balta, 2014). This article gives a clear understanding of the money side of this sport in terms of commercials. He compares soccer and American football with each other as commercials are a dominant aspect to America football, where as in soccer there really is no room for excessive advertisements due to the way this sport is structured.

How Soccer Can Save The World

Cathell, Y. (2010, January 3). “How soccer can save the world.” Retrieved from http://blogs.worldbank.org/youthink/how-soccer-can-save-world

Another source I would recommend is the article “How Soccer Can Save The World” by Yasmine Cathell. This writer explains the role soccer plays throughout the world such as international development by funding global education and the upbringing of positive social change. Cathell then goes on to demonstrate the different contributions this sport makes such as education. “With traditional forms of foreign assistance falling short, education advocates are looking for an innovative approach to financing global education and the answer seems to be soccer”(Cathell, 2010). FIFA, the Federation International of Football Association has recently been proposed by the UN to institute a percentage of education tax from the revenues of the World Cups. Cathell makes a great point throughout her post as she creates a different lens to look at when discussing about soccer in the United States. Due to the fact that mostly everyone in this country is glued to Americans sports such as football, and baseball, people here tend to forget or deny the value soccer and impact it has on the entire world. This sport not only builds stronger ties across the globe but it also is a main contributor of global education and creating a positive social change. I believe this article is a great way to fully understand the multiple contributions this sport makes and continues to develop, uniting the world under one umbrella.

Soccer Connects The World

Gorden, B. (2014, October 21). “Soccer connects the world.” Pew Research Center. Retrieved from http://cyberself.as.ua.edu/response/soccers-connects-the-world/

The first source I recommend is an article published by author Brett Van Gordon, “Soccer Connects The World.” This article digs deeper on how soccer creates stronger ties with other countries and the connections that come with it as well. For example, Gordon explains how soccer can connect people from all over the world. Race, religion, or political stance do not matter when it comes to this sport as the entire world gathers together to watch the spectacle matches.


These instances of connectivity that soccer creates is important to reading my blog because it shows that this sport can build stronger ties with people from all over the world. The impact this sport has on the world is absolutely stunning and America must join in and create and develop better and stronger ties with different continents.

What soccer means to the world 

Karon, T. (2012, June 18). What soccer means to the world. Retrieved September 29, 2015 from http://content.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,…

Another article I would recommend is from Tony Karon. According to Senior editor of TIMES and professor on International Affairs and global soccer, Tony Karon, “Soccer is able to connect people from all over. No matter race, religion, political stance, or economic situation countries battle it out to see who is better at a sport that the entire world watches”(Karon, 2013). This is important to acknowledge as soccer unites a non-united world and I personally believe America must become apart of this bond in order to grow as a country. Furthermore, this article expanded on the unity factor soccer brings to the world which is extremely critical; therefore, I believe this is an important article surrounding this issue.

The football industry in contemporary Europe

Lue, D. (2009. May 10). “The football industry in contemporary europe”. Retrieved from https://sites.duke.edu/wcwp/research-projects/mediamarketsfootball-in-contemporary-europe/the-money/


The next article I would recommend is by sports commentator, David Lue. This excerpt is very special due to the fact that it gives another inside look into the soccer world as it is written by a sports commentator who speaks for many important matches. In his article he discusses the benefits this sport has. Lue mentions, “The fact of the matter is, fans can stomach the massive amounts of money spent and earned in the sport when they witness the results. The Premier League is host to some of the greatest teams in the world and the football it entails is arguably the most entertaining”(Lue, 2009). Soccer brings joy to millions around the world as well as creating revenues for many countries.

Why caring about celebrities can be good for you

McAndrew, F. (2015, March 16). “Why caring about celebrities can be good for you.” Retrieved from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/out-the-ooze…

This article is a counter argument for the issue I present in my blog. Author McAndrew spoke about how pop culture shapes the American culture and society as well as the importance it has in this country. He mentions, “Hence, keeping up with the lives of actors, politicians, and athletes can make a person more socially adept during interactions with strangers and even provide segues into social relationships with new friends in the virtual world of the Internet”(McAndrew, 2015). He clearly believes that reality TV shows and celebrity gossip is essential for this country’s society and culture.

Reforms, investments in the US soccer guarantee new employment opportunities in the USA

Menyhart, K. (2011, March 14). “Reforms, investments in the US soccer guarantee new employment opportunities in the USA”. Retrieved from http://www.firstregime.com/can-soccer-play-a-role-in-restoring-the-united-states-economy/

Next, I recommend this article written by Kalman Menyhart, a former professional soccer player who obtained a Soccer Coach diploma from the Belgian Royal Union of Football Association. This is another unique piece of writing as it was written by an individual who was in the field of this sport; therefore, he gives the readers an inside look. In his article he discusses how this phenomenal sport can shape and build better economy’s of countries. He states, “(1) can create 9.5 (plus an additional 5 million) million new jobs in 2011/12/13, (2) can make the case for a new US National Soccer League (with thousands of new soccer clubs) for millions of young Americans and (3) can help shape the definitive future of the US Soccer”(Menyhart, 2011).  Menyhart clearly demonstrates the importance of soccer in terms of boosting the economy with his specific statistics.

World Cup Connects Us Globally

Plaza, R. (2010, January 9). “World cup connects us globally.” Retrieved from http://www.collegiatetimes.com/opinion/columnists/world-cup-connects-us-globally/article_553a092d-3f2e-5e0b-8eee-7ab2a3d2b4c6.html 

My personal favorite is an article published by the Collegiate Times, “World cup connects us globally” by columnist Ray Plaza. This post clearly reflects on the connectivity aspect soccer brings to the world and the importance of it. Plaza also illustrates the significance of the World Cup and the growing interconnectedness of society it contributes to. This is a great article to develop a concrete understanding of how soccer has the ability to connect us in a global sense which is something I clearly highlight throughout my blog posts. The value of soccer beyond the fact that it is just a sport but also a way for the world to grow closer together.

More Than a Game: What Actually Makes Soccer So Important to People All Over The World

Scotti, D. (2014, June 20). “More than a game: what actually makes so important to people all over the world.” Retrieved from http://elitedaily.com/sports/more-than-a-game-why-…

Next, I would recommend this source as well. This article posted in the Elite Daily dives right into the core of soccer and what it means to people across the globe. It is not just a sport in the eyes of millions but more a religion that connects people from all different and exotic countries. As perfectly mentioned by writer, Dan Scotti, in his article, More than A Game, “In America, winning or losing a football match isn’t life or death. But the rest of the world feels differently. In fact, football — as it’s known everywhere else around the world — can mean life or death”(Scotti, 2014). A powerful statement like this clearly demonstrates the meaning and impact soccer has on people form all over the world. This is article is a great way to learn more about this sport and its meaning to millions around the world which is a main aspect that pertains to my blog posts. There are countless of meanings to soccer and the impact it leaves on people all over the world, which is something America must contribute to in order to be aligned with the rest of the countries.

How Americans play baseball and the rest of the world plays soccer.

Sloane, P. (2005, June 5). ” How Americans play baseball and the rest of the world plays soccer.”  Future Survey, 27. Retrieved from http://0-web.a.ebscohost.com.opac.sfsu.edu/

The next article I would recommend is by author and professor at Swansea University. This scholarly excerpt discusses how America values their own sports such as Baseball rather than uniting with the world and shining the light on the worldwide watched sport, soccer. He also mentions how money is the main cause to pushing soccer aside in America.  Sloane states, “Too much money has made a real mess out of sports. High-priced TV rights mean many more commercials, longer commercial breaks, and longer games”(Sloane, 2005). This statement clearly demonstrates that the United States have only a motive of profit and revenue.

The physics of football

Tasallis, C. (2014, July 2). “The physics of football.” Retrieved from https://www.elsevier.com/connect/the-physics-of-fo…

Another source that I found to be extremely helpful was Tasallis article posted in El Sevier. The author gave a great insights on how soccer can change the world and in particular how we view this sport. He also speaks about the connection soccer brings to the world, as people get together regardless of race, ethnicity or religion and enjoy their team play. Tassallis mentions, “People from around the world are joined together by a sport some claim dates back to the world of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Even individuals who are not every-day fans are finding it hard to resist”(Tasallis, 2014). A statement like this clearly emphasizes the impact this sport has on the world and the unique bond it contributes to. This article demonstrated how the world can grow closer in proximity due to this enthusiastic sport.



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