USA Must Mingle Itself With Outside Countries

The United States of America has pushed itself away from the number one most popular sport in the world: soccer. Soccer which is discussed daily all over the globe seems to have no influence in America which is concerning. If this country strives to promote itself in an internationalism manner and promote diverse media then why are new centers not giving any importance to this well known sport. It is concerning to see time pass by, and America still not acknowledge soccer as the the rest of the world grows tremendously due to this sport. America is in its its own little bubble in the right corner of the world and they must expand more and shine the light on soccer especially European soccer as it is the backbone of many countries across the globe. I still find trouble understanding why American sport channels do not discuss and show soccer news or matches. If Europe and other countries are benefitting so much from soccer in terms of their economies, then why does America not jump in the circle and give importance to this sport as well? As mentioned by sports commentator David Lue, “The fact of the matter is, fans can stomach the massive amounts of money spent and earned in the sport when they witness the results. The Premier League is host to some of the greatest teams in the world and the football it entails is arguably the most entertaining”(2009). Soccer not only brings joy to millions across the world with its enthusiastic game but it is the backbone of many economies either through ticket sales, jersey sponsorships or stadium rights. That is to say that if Europe and the rest of the world are gaining so much from this worldwide sport why does America not join?


America claims to be a powerful country that has a large impact on the rest of the world, but how come when it comes to soccer they have little to no idea about the great benefits it can bring to the states and the impact it has on their economy? A question like this continues to pop into my head as I look more into this topic and realize the little importance America gives to this phenomenal and worldwide sport. If soccer were to become more popular in the United States, there would be many benefits from it such as a boost in our economy, promoting diversity and ultimately becoming aligned with the rest of the world. Moreover, it is sad to see the emphasis on pop culture news in America rather than topics that are discussed worldwide such as the European League.

Furthermore, soccer is not only an astonishing sport that attracts millions of people and creates connections and bonds across the world but it also is the backbone of many economies. However, in America soccer is rarely shown whichs bring me back to my original question. Why does the United States not include itself with the rest of the world when it comes to soccer as it can really grow our economy. According to Kalman Menyhart, a former professional soccer player who obtained a Soccer Coach diploma from the Belgian Royal Union of Football Association following his retirement states in his proposal, Reforms, Investments in the US Soccer Guarantee New Employment Opportunities in the USA, how soccer can shape and help grow this country’s economy, “(1) can create 9.5 (plus an additional 5 million) million new jobs in 2011/12/13, (2) can make the case for a new US National Soccer League (with thousands of new soccer clubs) for millions of young Americans and (3) can help shape the definitive future of the US Soccer”(Kalman, 2011). In order for the United States to become more international, they must invest more in the growth of this sport which at the same time will create many benefits for America as well such as creating new jobs.

Overall, it is crucial for the United States to realize the many different opportunities soccer can bring to this country, and must strive to invest more in the growth of soccer to ultimately be aligned with the rest of the world.

Lue, D. (2009. May 10). “The football industry in contemporary europe”. Retrieved from https://sites.duke.edu/wcwp/research-projects/mediamarketsfootball-in-contemporary-europe/the-money/

Menyhart, K. (2011, March 14). “Reforms, investments in the US soccer guarantee new employment opportunities in the USA”. Retrieved from http://www.firstregime.com/can-soccer-play-a-role-in-restoring-the-united-states-economy/


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