The Ones Who Oppose Vs. The Ones Who Favor

When it comes to shining the light on soccer in the United States, many different views are expressed. There are numerous of people that believe this sport should have better acknowledgment in this country while others seem to disagree. Soccer is a worldwide phenomena that America is greatly missing out on and it is our duties as diverse Americans to push this country outside of its normal boundaries and expand more on worldwide topics such as the European league. Moreover, many respected people favor more of diverse news which includes emphasizing the importance of soccer in particular the European league as well as straying away from irrelevant pop culture news.

Respected people such as well known influential authors and spokespersons favor better acknowledging European soccer in the United States for many reasons. For example, the admired national women’s soccer midfielder and New York Times author, Yael Averbuch clearly defines the importance of soccer and how it has shaped her life to this day, “For me, football has been the tie that binds. It is the driving force behind so many moments that have shaped my journey and will forever change how I view the world”(Averbuch, 2013). It is crucial for America to realize the many positive elements that contribute to European soccer and how it could help this country in terms of capitalism, diversity, connectivity and ultimately becoming aligned with the rest of the world. However, unfortunately there are many that disagree and are opposed to shining the light on European soccer.


For instance, the well-liked journalist, Frank McAndrew that has his research regularly featured on popular media outlets such as BBC and the NBC’s Today Show mentions, “When you cut away its many layers, our fixation on popular culture reflects an intense interest in the doings of other people; this preoccupation with the lives of others is a byproduct of the psychology that evolved in prehistoric times to make our ancestors socially successful. Thus, it appears that we are hardwired to be fascinated by gossip“(McAndrew, 2015). He then continues to stress, “Hence, keeping up with the lives of actors, politicians, and athletes can make a person more socially adept during interactions with strangers and even provide segues into social relationships with new friends in the virtual world of the Internet”(McAndrew, 2015). There are clearly strong opposing sides to this issue as many people such as McAndrew believe that irrelevant news like celebrity gossip can be beneficial to humans. However, I completely disagree and believe America must acknowledge important news that is discussed daily across the globe such as the European soccer league rather than pop culture news that only creates a dumb society.

It is important to understand that Ceos of these major sport channels broadcasted in America such as ESPN or Fox Sports are all strictly profit driven which ultimately strays away from soccer and the Europe League being shown on televisions . This is due to the fact that soccer unlike other sports shown here has only one stoppage time for commercials and advertisements, which does not allow a big enough space for paid commercials to be shown. According to sports editor of Al Jazeera, Victor Balta, “Thus, soccer games are broadcast with 90 minutes of action, plus halftime, in less than two hours. American football, meanwhile, takes a minimum of three hours to broadcast just 60 minutes of game action”(Balta, 2014). This is true because the more stoppage time, the more money these sport networks can make due to the paid commercials. As mentioned by Peter Sloane, a Collegiate Professor of Sport Management “Too much money has made a real mess out of sports. High-priced TV rights mean many more commercials, longer commercial breaks, and longer games”(Sloane, 2005). Therefore, rather than these highly respected and looked upon people having the public’s best interest and providing news about worldwide topics such as the European soccer league, the only motive they have is money. All in all, it boils down to the fact that people like CEOS of sport companies favor profit more than the news’s diversity and informing the public on entertaining and worldwide subjects.

Overall there are many respected people and organizations that favor expanding America’s boundaries in terms of media and allowing to broadcast relevant news topics that are discussed every day across the world such as the soccer league in Europe. However, there are also many that are opposed to this idea and believe that pop culture news is beneficial for the society and America must continue its narrow media coverage. Personally, I believe that America must change its form of media coverage and expand more on significant news that is shown on televisions and radio all over the world.

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