My 2 Cents On Shining the Light On Soccer in America

Why does the United States give any importance into the phenomenon worldwide sport of soccer? There are many different perspectives and views on promoting a more diverse media in the United States of America such as shining the light on soccer and in specific the popular European league. I have strong thoughts on this argument due to the fact that I have personally witnessed and experienced how important European soccer is outside of America and the way it connects people of all races, ages and ethnicities across the globe. Therefore, for these powerful reasons, I strongly believe America must change their manner of media coverage and provide important information such as the worldwide discussion topic of European soccer as well as stray away from irrelevant pop culture.


In addition, pop culture is unfortunately praised in this country, as people want to know the happenings of celebrity lives every second of the day and the media networks feed into this public desire which creates a dumb society and results in straying away from entertaining and international news that is talked about daily around the world. This aspect also loses the connectivity with other countries, as America has constructed its own bubble in the right corner of the world not allowing any diverse bonds with other nations due to the fact that they are solely focused on events in their country rather than giving importance to other worldwide topics. Soccer especially the popular European league creates a unique bond with fans from all parts of the world as they can all relate to each other due to this magnificent sport. According to professor and fellow soccer fan, Constantino Tsallis, “It is one of three human activities — sports, arts and sciences — through which athletes, artists, and scientists can show to all men and women something universal, something in which different people can collaborate and enrich all together”(Tsallis). This is true due to the fact that this sport creates special intercultural and interracial relationships as people from different countries all come together and share the joy and excitement they receive from their teams’ matches.

I think it is important for America to become apart of this great multicultural upbringing that soccer and in particular the European league creates. Furthermore, I have personally witnessed how the European soccer league can united a non united world. For example, once I traveled to Barcelona with my family and there was a big match on a Saturday night. My family and I decided to head over to a bar to watch the game. When we arrived we encountered about 40 people all huddling around the television getting ready to watch the game. Everyone was wearing the jerseys of FC Barcelona and had their face painted blue and red. It was an extremely warm environment and people from many different ethnicities were all sitting next to each other laughing and enjoying the game. It was a great sight to see how people that have never met each other instantly clicked due to soccer.

Therefore, this phenomenal sport not only can allow America to leave its bubble and mingle with other countries but more importantly it will create strong bonds from people all over the world. For these reasons, I strongly hope, America can change their media coverage by eliminating irrelevant pop culture news and adding more important topics such as the European soccer league to daily discussed subjects on media channels. (543).

Tasallis, C. (2014, July 2). “The physics of football.” Retrieved from https://www.elsevier.com/connect/the-physics-of-fo…


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