Coming Full Circle

The United States of America, the American society and the American media networks must be adjusted in order to become aligned with the rest of the world. This country needs to shine the light on important worldwide topics that are discussed every day across the globe such as the European soccer league. A constant question on mind is why America does not promote diverse media like the rest of the world. Furthermore, how come soccer is ignored in this country? It is crucial for America to understand the value of this sport and what it contributes to the hundred of countries across the world. For example, the European soccer league in particular, has many essential elements that is constructed from it such as creating stronger bonds with people all over the world. It is very unique and special how soccer can develop and establish such a strong bond with people regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and culture. Fans of soccer put their differences aside, as they all come together to cheer on their favorite team.

Moreover, soccer also contributes not only to the connectivity of the world but as well as an economic factor. European countries and Southern American countries are deeply invested in soccer and consider it as their “religion” as this sport is the basis for their growing economy. For instance, in Spain and Brazil their economy is mainly based on soccer as the entire country is tuned in at all times to the teams that are playing which generates an unbelievable amount of revenues.


With just looking at the money perspective and the connectivity aspect soccer brings to the world, America must begin to invest more in this sport in order to be included in all these activities that the rest of the world is partaking in. And in order for this to be accomplished, the United States of America must change their media coverage and allow room for soccer news especially the popular and worldwide known European soccer league. For this to occur, money and power is needed in order to change the media coverage and present a more diverse media outlet for the American public. It is crucial for CEOs of media networks companies to step up to the plate, acknowledge the importance of soccer around the world and the profit it could generate in America as well as the connectivity it can bring to this country and change their media by giving room to soccer and in particular the European soccer league. If CEOS of these media channels were to change and adjust the information they present to the public, America would receive a much more diverse news rather than pop culture and celebrity gossip which is unfortunately constantly on our television and radios in this country.


In addition, many people in America believe that promoting soccer and in specific the European league will not benefit America in any way. However, that is completely false, as it will not only bring a sense of connectivity with outside countries but it will also be profitable for our country. If this were to occur, America would become much more united with the rest of the world, rather than being in their own little bubble in the left corner of the world. According to Senior editor of TIMES and professor on International Affairs and global soccer, Tony Karon, marks in Time Magazine “Soccer is able to connect people from all over. No matter race, religion, political stance, or economic situation countries battle it out to see who is better at a sport that the entire world watches”(Karon, 2013). This is important to acknowledge as soccer unites a non-united world and I personally believe America must become apart of this bond in order to grow as a country.

Karon, T. (2012, June 18). What soccer means to the world. Retrieved September 29, 2015 fromhttp://content.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,…


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