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Expanding The World Of Soccer

The phenomenal sport of soccer is the number one most popular sport worldwide, yet America still does not value its importance. The United States may be a powerful and influential country, however; in terms of soccer this country is lacking diversity and presenting up to date stories about the soccer world outside of the U.S. America must promote itself as diverse country which means giving importance to worldwide discussed topics that are barely talked about here such as the European Soccer League. Being able to turn on the television or radio and hear global news is a great way to stay connected with other parts of the world. The United States does do their best in covering breaking news from different countries, however; they simply ignore or just briefly discuss important topics in the soccer world across the globe especially in Europe where it is the most popular subject to talk about.


European soccer needs to be shown in the U.S media for countless reasons. First, the atmosphere when games are played are indescribable as fans come together supporting their teams, with their jerseys on and the colors of their team swiped on their faces as they all cheer for the players like there is no tomorrow. Then after these games, the press and media have full coverages for many days to follow discussing all the highlights and game points of the match, which occurs across the globe. This league is extremely interesting because it is a way to connect with others. For example, if an individual lives in Costa Rica and another person lives in Dubai, they already have a connection when it comes to soccer and the games that are played and watched globally by millions. Therefore, this sport especially the popular European league is a way to stay connected and interactive with people from all parts of the world. In addition, this European league is extremely interesting because it is looked upon highly prestigiously as the best teams in Europe compete for the championships. The final game always attracts massive amounts of viewers much more than any other sports final, attracting over 400 millions viewers. The eyes of the world are focused on this amazing and breathtaking final, other than America. It is sad to see this country not connect and interact with the rest of the world in terms of soccer, which ultimately loses our internationality and diversity throughout this country.

Senior editor of TIMES and professor on International Affairs and global soccer, Tony Karon, marks in Time Magazine“soccer is able to connect people from all over. No matter race, religion, political stance, or economic situation countries battle it out to see who is better at a sport that the entire world watches”(Karon, 2013). This supports the idea that soccer provides a special connection between individuals across the globe. With that being said, soccer is more than just a game; it is a shared passion in our world that ties people together through the emotions it evokes. America, being the powerful and influential country that it is, must diversify itself and begin to consistently cover soccer stories on national media outlets.

If the United States strives to promote internationality then why is there no news stories discussed on media outlets about heated topics of the European soccer league, a subject that is constantly being talked about across the globe. America needs to change their media coverage and give the public important news topics that are discussed internationally rather than news about which celebrity married who or other irrelevant news that is consistently on our televisions in this country.


The only way to bring attention to this fantastic sport is to have the media portray its significance to the public. News centers such as KCRA and Fox News must stray from discussing Kylie Jenner’s lip injections and give some more attention to soccer. It is alarming to go on ESPN and not hear a thing about the European Soccer League or any soccer outside the United States in general; especially when this news center’s intent should be to inform the public about substantial news pertaining to this sport. According to Jim Taylor, Professor at the University of San Francisco, who has a concentration on sport business illustrates in his article, Pop Culture: Too Much Time On Our Hands, “We have always discussed celebrity happenings around the water cooler at the office. But this obsession with people who have absolutely no effect on our lives has gotten out of hand”(Taylor, 2009). In other words, America’s powerful figures such as CEO of news companies must take charge and stop this obsession with celebrities and shift to actual relevant news that is discussed globally. Moreover, the only way that major news centers will change their media coverage is through the influence of power and money.

Money and power are the two major influences that can help resolve this issue. In order for media coverage to shift, powerful individuals such as corporate representatives of these news centers need to stand up and speak out. However, society is now in a place where they prefer to be updated on the marital status of celebrities as opposed to more interesting topics that are talked about daily in other parts of our world, such as the European Soccer League.

In addition, not only should the United States expand on worldwide-discussed news such as the European league for internationalism but also to boost the economy of this country. Europe’s economy mainly grows from soccer and the extraordinary amount of money that is generated every year. For example, award-winning writer and editor, Rogue Parrish, who specializes in sports and fitness explains in Importance of Soccer, “World Cups are big money spinners, with FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, generating an estimated $3 billion from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa”(Parrish, 2014). With that being said, not only will the United States promote diversity and become aligned with the rest of the world but it will also be beneficial for the country’s economy.

Furthermore, it came as a shocking realization that even the sports channels that are specifically geared for soccer such as FOX Soccer Plus, are barely showing any importance to this sport, discussing more about other sports such as rugby rather than the actual sport this channel was appointed to. Sports editor Fernando de Leon mentions in World Soccer Talk, “There is room, however, for “premium rugby” and Aussie Rules football amongst the thinning choices of soccer on a network supposedly dedicated to it”(Leon, 2014). It is shocking to see that even the news centers that are developed specifically for soccer in the United States have shifted and strayed from this sport which ultimately creates a country without any outside knowledge of world news discussed daily.

Respected people such as well-known influential authors and spokespersons favor better acknowledging European soccer in the United States for many reasons. For example, the admired national women’s soccer midfielder and New York Times author, Yael Averbuch clearly defines the importance of soccer and how it has shaped her life to this day, “For me, football has been the tie that binds. It is the driving force behind so many moments that have shaped my journey and will forever change how I view the world”(Averbuch, 2013). It is crucial for America to realize the many positive elements that contribute to European soccer and how it could help this country in terms of capitalism, diversity, connectivity and ultimately becoming aligned with the rest of the world. However, unfortunately there are many that disagree and are opposed to shining the light on European soccer.

For instance, the well-liked journalist, Frank McAndrew that has his research regularly featured on popular media outlets such as BBC and the NBC’s Today Show mentions, “When you cut away its many layers, our fixation on popular culture reflects an intense interest in the doings of other people; this preoccupation with the lives of others is a byproduct of the psychology that evolved in prehistoric times to make our ancestors socially successful. Thus, it appears that we are hardwired to be fascinated by gossip“(McAndrew, 2015). He then continues to stress, “Hence, keeping up with the lives of actors, politicians, and athletes can make a person more socially adept during interactions with strangers and even provide segues into social relationships with new friends in the virtual world of the Internet”(McAndrew, 2015). There are clearly strong opposing sides to this issue, as many people such as McAndrew believe that irrelevant news like celebrity gossip can be beneficial to humans. However, I completely disagree and believe America must acknowledge important news that is discussed daily across the globe such as the European soccer league rather than pop culture news that only creates a dumb society.

I think it is important for America to become apart of this great multicultural upbringing that soccer and in particular the European league creates. Furthermore, I have personally witnessed how the European soccer league can unite a non-united world. For example, once I traveled to Barcelona with my family and there was a big match on a Saturday night. My family and I decided to head over to a bar to watch the game. When we arrived this small sized bar, we encountered about 40 people all-huddling around the television getting ready to watch the game. Everyone was wearing the jerseys of FC Barcelona and had their face painted blue and red. It was an extremely warm environment as people from many different ethnicities were all sitting next to each other laughing and enjoying the game. It was a great sight to see, especially how people that have never met each other instantly clicked due to their love of soccer.

Therefore, this phenomenal sport not only can allow America to leave its bubble and mingle with other countries but more importantly it will create strong bonds from people all over the world. For these reasons, I strongly hope, America can change their media coverage by eliminating irrelevant pop culture news and adding more important topics such as the European soccer league to daily-discussed subjects on media channels. Overall, this country needs to become more diverse in all aspects and covering soccer stories on all media outlets is a great step forward for internationality and staying aligned with the rest of the world.(1729)

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